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OPEN DOOR - Persecuted Church "Lord I Trust You"

from the CD "Unbreakable"

{this is on Selah's new CD, but the video and story is from 2014 IDOP}

Open Doors
Ripple Effect

World Watch List

"One of the main tools of Open Doors to track and measure the extent of persecution in the world is the World Watch List (WWL). Open Doors has been monitoring persecution of Christians worldwide since the 1970s. "... To Read MORE follow WWL - click on link

The pattern of persecution


[image credit: IDOP]

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Let's try and get our focus off of "walls" and build schools "bridges" to the future

The Building of the School - Time Lapse Construction (Updated: 1/31/17)
from Living Hope International on Vimeo.

There are so many "MISSIONS" and needs in this world, especially in our own hemisphere - which we can never forget -yet it's been way too long since I have shared on this "Living Hope" Mission. Today, I'd love to just share their recent update but the best way for me to share is to direct you to their website of their new school with construction under way ...


there are many wonderful videos available there
to view and be updated

The first-ever school building is officially under way!
"As the construction continues, so does the need to raise the needed funds for equipping this school with the furnishings, technology, resources and more to transform this structure into a cutting edge, educational training ground for a generation of world-changers!
With our mission clear–to rescue and train the least of these–a quality education is a critical rung in the ladder of their climb from hopelessness to dreams and potential being reached, by the grace of God.
Will you join us in this endeavor to make a powerful impact in the lives of these children and the generations to follow?" Living Hope International


Thanks Jerry and Susy McNally
for your vision and continued service
since 1985 (1996) with your family
to the children at risk in Mexico
not just there in Puebla,
to the entire
Living Hope International
team and support!
"Living Hope International is a US-based 501c3 organization operating a multi-faceted, Christ-centered ministry which has a vision to reach the world with the Gospel. We rescue vulnerable at-risk children, and train, equip and send leaders to the nations, while drawing individuals, churches, businesses and foundations to join us in our mission."

You can even sponsor a child, follow this link to learn more.
GUIDE to a Gift of Hope
My home church in MN has sent groups every fall for a long time, sometimes youth in the summer too. Find ways that you can get involved too or visit as an individual or part of a group (check out the links to the left of the page I've linked). If I go back to Mexico, it will be short term and hopefully with this place
And of course, we all can set some time aside to
specifically for
yours or theirs
are all
part of God's plan and His Kingdom
let's believe more in
"building up, not tearing down"
constructing barriers that won't work
between nations, people and God

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I'm sure that I should have posted something here before this day in this new year of 2017 - but just because I didn't - I knew that I could not miss sharing this! I may have missed it completely until I read this (a day late) ... 

Image result for women at risk logo"The new slavery, human trafficking, is the FASTEST growing segment of organized crime. How will you respond?

We're here to help, and give you as many ways as possible to fight this hidden evil in YOUR communities. Share this post to encourage others to join in the fight!
You may not be called to start a safe house, but you are called to be a safe place."

so I was aware and I just had to share
Please follow that link


READ to become AWARE

Here are just a few articles that caught my eye:

Human Trafficking Awareness Day: What are we outraged about?

Let's not ignore it and do nothing

Human Trafficking Awareness Month (January 2017)

[Recently at one of the churches I attended in Stillwater, I was so blessed to hear the heart of a woman doing something ... in Wisconsin and online. I can't wait until March with hopes of going there and being a part of her grand opening ... meanwhile Sarah (with her 2 daughters), sisters (and brothers) in Christ, friends, and "More Precious than Rubies" is doing "something" and have been - so here's another place you can read and get involved. I know I hope to ... this is part of my heart from Mexico continued to be pressed upon my heart, yet unable to do as much as I hoped to and still will ... by really getting involved back here. Every community needs a "ruby", a Sarah, an "Esther" ... a concerned soul that does more than care and become aware. People who put faith to action to END SLAVERY here and throughout the world. We cannot do enough or too little.] 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Honoring Women And Children In A World At War

Day 29
with my You Version reading plan

"Stolen Childhoods"

which comes from

Prayers for Crown Jewels
Topic #28

{I had not given up reading these and praying, I just stopped sharing here because it's already so beautifully done through this reading plan and at "Prayers for Crown Jewels" website, which daily features one of the topics continually. However, today's was too important to pass up on this site ... so ... please pray}

"Children around the world are missing, forced into the streets, or commandeered into war, slavery, or sex. They do not have a safe place to flourish and mature. So many millions have been drugged, beaten, and coerced to do things that would normally be abhorrent to them. Right now, these precious ones are confused, frightened, and hopeless. There is no one like You, O Lord, who can save them. Be their stronghold in times of trouble. Bring these children to Jesus so He might gather them into His arms and bless them.

Today be the God of all comfort in some way to each. Because of Your great love and tender mercy, shine upon these children in their darkness and shadow of death. Guide their feet into the way of peace. Set them free! Bring believers into their lives to help them sort out all the rejection, lies, and deceit forced upon them. Their sweet voices will sing praises to Your name. They will give You thanks among the nations for rescuing them from violent men and women.

Woe to those who cause little ones who believe in You to stumble! It is better for them to tie a heavy rock around their necks and throw themselves into the sea.

We grieve with those who do not know where their child/ren is/are. Is he/she alive? Hungry? Ill? In pain or danger? The questions never cease. Their child is never far from their thoughts and prayers. Dear Father, comfort these parents. Give them the peace that passes all understanding. Supernaturally return these children to their families. Bring Spirit-filled believers to support, listen, and counsel as all in the family work through the myriad of spiritual, financial, emotional, and relational issues. Jehovah-Nissi (the LORD our Banner), set up Your banner of love over these families. "

Psalms 59:9; Mark 10:13-16; Luke 1:78-79; Psalms 18:48-49; Matthew 18:6; Philippians 4:7; Song of Songs 2:4

I have shared others previously here
but it is best to follow along daily
"Prayers for Crown Jewels"

Make these much needed prayers
part of your daily quiet time
with Our Lord
set aside time to read and pray

Prayer is the best way for us to
along with

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Honoring Women And Children In A World At War Days 11-13

You Version (YV)
reading plan of

Day 11, Day 12 and Day 13
{for the weekend}

Day 11
"Equality of Women and Values as Individuals"

Exodus 17:15; Galatians 3:28; Ephesians 1:3; Romans 8:17; Ezekiel 34:27

(which is topic #10 at "Prayers for Crown Jewels")
where you can join me in praying this

"Jehovah-Nissi (the LORD our Banner), there is no one who comes to You more worthy than another. We are all in need of Your grace and Your offer of redemption—whether we are Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Charismatic, or atheist; slave or free; female or male. Break down the dividing walls so all who are in Your Church see the unity of each disciple of Jesus equally bound together on the cross." ... please continue the prayer with the PCJ site

YV Day 12
(which is topic #11 at "Prayers for Crown Jewels")

"Establish the Righteous in Key Positions"

YV Day 13
(which is topic #12 at "Prayers for Crown Jewels")

"Evangelism of the Lost"

The one for today with 
"Prayers for Crown Jewels"
is topic #23
"The POOR"

This prayer touches my heart and my mission field deeply

You can read the prayers daily at
"Prayers for Crown Jewels"
which correspond to the date

Yesterday's #22 "Physical and Emotional Healing"
Tomorrow's #24 "Prison Reform"

oh, such heart issues and such beautiful prayers
written by Karen Deits Carlson

Thank you Karen!

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