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WELCOME to MISSION 4 MONDAY meme & now blog. If you are visiting here for the first time and would like information about this meme, please go here.

I started this month with praying as my mission. I joined with others in

Loving Muslims through Prayer
which for me, was a brand new labor of love and stretching me in a completely different direction, a bit out of my safety or comfort zone.
But that's what God wanted of me. I am learning a great deal through
of missions in many parts of our world...such as


The vast Ganges plains of North India contain the greatest concentration of unevangelized people in the world. North India will probably be the touchstone of our success or failure in completing world evangelization in our generation.” - Patrick Johnstone

There are possibly 145 million Muslims in India. God loves them all. India has more Muslims than all the following countries combineBlogger: MISSION 4 MONDAY - Create Postd: Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Egypt.

Today(Day 22) and this past Saturday(Day 20), 30 Days Loving Muslims Through Prayer were lifting up the people of INDIA! This information is taken from their wonderful site!

Nagpur, The City of Snakes

The central Indian city of Nagpur (whose name means ‘City of Snakes’) has a population of over three million people. Nagpur lies on major north-south and east-west transportation routes. The city is at the geographic centre of India. While the majority of its inhabitants are Hindu, there is a sizeable Muslim minority of approximately 7.1% (215,000). Nominal followers of Jesus number around 5%, although practicing believers are much less numerous. In the region outside Nagpur city there are even less believers among the many Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and others. The governing political party in the area has a clear agenda to keep India as a Hindu nation and reject “foreign and Western” influences making life hard for the local followers of Jesus.

It is a commonly held misconception in the region that followers of Jesus bribe downtrodden Muslims and Hindus to accept Christ in return for material benefit or social advantage. Therefore actions by local believers motivated by love for Jesus Christ and one’s fellowman are often misunderstood, presenting barriers for the Good News and discipleship. Often, those who do come to Christ are pressured into returning to Islam by various social, economic, emotional and even physical pressures. Yet even in this hostile environment, Jesus is calling Muslims from Nagpur to Himself.

Muslims usually speak Urdu and Marathi while Hindus and other speak Hindi and Marathi. Between 2004 - 2006, several newer translations utilising some “Muslim-style” terminology have been published. These have helped Muslims to understand, accept and obey God’s word. Nevertheless Bibles are not widely distributed nor are they easily accessible to the Muslim community. The “Jesus” film also exists but there are distribution problems. As far as we know, there is no group of believers that regularly reaches out to the Muslims in this city with the Gospel in an organised way.

Prayer starters:

* Pray for local believers to enter into their role as those who are part of God’s plan to bless all nations, tribes and tongues (Gen. 22:18 and Galatians 3:16,29).
* Pray for the effective distribution of these new translations of the Bible.
* Pray for the local believers who face real persecution due to the prejudices and misunderstandings.
* Pray for believers to be trained in how to proclaim the Messiah with wisdom and understanding in the Muslim community.

Muslims do not believe …

Muslims do not believe that it is possible to know God as in John 17:3. (They only believe that they can know about Him.) Small numbers of Muslims called Sufis believe in a mystical union with God. However, this group is often seen as heretical by many Muslims.

To read about Murshidabad, INDIA from Day 20, go here:

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Islam was introduced to India by conquest and grew through the successful efforts of Muslim missionaries and high birth rates. Today India is the second largest Muslim nation in the world.

There are perhaps not more than 150 workers (including both Indians and expatriates) in full time witness to Muslims. There are some very encouraging developments happening, however, with more unity between churches and organisations reaching Muslims in India. There are also continued reports of Muslim leaders receiving visions and dreams of Jesus!

It is the hour of opportunity for the Muslims of India - may we not miss it!

Prayer for the Muslims in India:

* Pray for the religious freedom in India to continue. It is under threat from certain groups in the nation.
* Pray that the Muslims of India would each have an opportunity to hear, and see, the Gospel in a culturally relevant way.
* Pray for the many large indigenous Indian Missions organisations, that they will “tithe” some of their people for Muslim work.
* Pray for continuing and new training initiatives to train workers and church planters for Muslim ministry.
One of our very special participants shared the very first week & then last week, on a very special mission in INDIA-Kulpahar Kids- you can read more here and see wonderful photos here

Kulpahar, India.

Thank you all for sharing and please be sure to visit the others MISSION4MONDAY participants! Each participant has richly blessed me. I noticed some of you are concerned about my "button" being on your blog. I wish I could remedy it for all of you, but I'm not computer savy . I do apologize. But what I want to share is THAT is not important as long as you link here or let your readers know to come here and view what others are sharing. Each of You & Your Mission is what counts...and I treasure reading and want others to read what you share. Thank you again! May God richly bless you MISSION!


Amydeanne said...

very interesting and great new blog you've done Peggy! Missions and prayer for others is so important!

God Bless!

Susan said...

Thanks Peggy.

This was very, very interesting! I recently met someone from India.

I will begin praying for her and her family now.

Have a blessed week!!

Charlotte said...

Love this new blog. I appreciate your emphasis on India. It is such an interesting country, and in need of so much prayer.
I hope you are feeling better today.

Debra said...


This was so aMAZEing to read! My husband reads up a lot about the Islamic faith to better help him be an effective witness. He would glean so much from this too. I will be sure to tell him.

And my son's sponsored child, Alpesh, is in India. We pray for him daily.

God bless you in your bringing all of this to LIGHT. What a beautiful mission. What a beautiful sister you are.

Blessings to you today!

Lori @ Front Porch Legacy said...

Hi Peggy! I dropped a link to my Breast Cancer 3-Day post / mission. Unfortunately, I couldn't save a copy of your "Mission 4 Monday" photo. But, I did leave a link to your site!

Marsha said...

This is a wonderful post! I've ministered to India Indians in the West Indies and Guyana S.A., but they were all Hindu. I live very remotely in the mountains of WNC and in the Biblebelt on top of that, so I don't really encounter Muslims very often on a day to day basis. I do however pray for oppressed people groups that are involved in Muslim countries.

Thank you so much for the valuable information you were able to share with us.

Nancie said...

Hi Peggy, I like the look of this new blog. Thanks for continuing to share with us your heart for mission. It is always encouraging to remember your love for lost sinners. May God continue to strengthen you and bless your labors for Him wherever He calls you. Thanks for all your encouragements. Take care!

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