Monday, October 27, 2008

Indonesian Extreme Devotion

October 27, 2008 from PERSECUTION BLOG

When Your Faith is In Your Soul

The cold water sprayed over the crowd in front of the Indonesian village mosque. Gun-toting, white-clad jihad warriors surrounded the place. The ritual washing was a forced preparation for the group to convert to Islam. The crowd knew that they would convert or be shot or beheaded on the spot.

The young girl wept for her faith, because she imagined the ritual washing would reverse her faith. She didn’t know that her faith in Christ was in her soul, despite what happened to her body. She also wept out of fear, for she knew that she would be circumcised, along with all the other men, women, and children in the group. The forced circumcision was their final act of taking on a new religion. She didn’t want a new religion, and she cried out to God.

Indonesia used to be a haven of tolerance. Though the nation is home to more Muslims than any other nation in the world, there was little trouble. Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists lived side-by-side, working together with little animosity.

That has changed. Radical Muslims have dragged the nation into jihad, or holy war, and every Christian is a target. Many recite the Muslim creed just to save their lives; yet in their hearts, they cry out to God, knowing only He can offer salvation.

People attempt to change us from the outside in. But only God can change us—from the inside out. Before we come to Christ, we often try to fit into the world’s standards for our lives and lose sight of our real selves. We are forced to become people we were never meant to be. However, once God changes people from the inside out, they are changed forever. We cannot be moved. We cannot be changed back into our old selves. Like the girl in this story discovered, others can influence us and exercise some degree of control over us. But they can no longer change us like Christ has already done. Have you experienced the “change” the Bible teaches?

What are your feelings after reading this Extreme Devotion?

Posted by Stacy L. Harp in Extreme Devotion

We must stand in prayer daily for those being persecuted for Christ's sake and nations in the 10-40 Window!

Someone asked once. "what is the 10-40 window?" Go here to read more.

Most of the people groups still unreached by the gospel live in places stretching across the maps of northern Africa and Asia. Christian missions strategist Luis Bush started calling this rectangular area or band: "the 10/40 window." He used that easy-to-remember name because it lies across Africa and Asia from 10 degrees latitude north of the equator to 40 degrees latitude north of the equator.


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char72 said...

We sometimes feel like we are persecuted for our faith in America, but we don't know what persecution is. I pray that we will never have it here like in so many other places. It seems a little trite to say we should pray for them but actually that's all we can do, and that is not a little thing. More people in America need to know this kind of thing is going on. Thank you for doing your part in spreading the message.

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