Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Project Rescue!

I am sharing my entire newsletter from PROJECT RESCUE! What they have done for young women in India, Moldova, and other parts of the world is what God has placed in my heart for my vision of what I should be doing but not yet doing here in Mexico.

october 2008

Moldovas recently completed HOH

Bringing Hope to Moldova

Home of Hope Moldova has been a long-time coming, starting from an inward spark that found its culmination in a finished home and caring workers. The trafficking situation in Moldova is vastly different than the Homes in India or Nepal, yet the broken women are the same. Thousands of Moldovan women have been trafficked out of Moldova, yet only a small percentage ever find their way back home. Home of Hope Moldova is here for these women, a beautiful setting that can provide emotional and spiritual healing. ... Click here to read more about Project Rescue Moldova.

from the field:

Project Rescue Moldova completes their Home of Hope

getting to know project rescue:

Texas youth group uses drama to raise awareness and support

did you know:

Rise in Child Prostitution inKenya after election & bloodshed

becoming the difference:

Partner with us to grow hope

Making Drama Count

Last year, teenagers from a youth group in Waxahachie, Texas took the national AG Fine

Arts Festival to a whole new level.

After picking up a Project Rescue brochure from a nearby college, a new sense of

compassion was birthed in their hearts for the many lives destroyed by human trafficking.

The members of the drama team at Bethesda Assembly of God were inspired to use their

performance entry as an opportunity to speak out about human trafficking and the ministry

of Project Rescue.

The human video tells the heart-wrenching story of a young girl sold by her own father.

The message of the story speaks of resilience, hope, and new life in Jesus Christ.

It was a dynamic experience for those who had the opportunity to see these students


Read the full story here.

"Rescue" is the name of Bethesda Assembly's

Youth Group

The 9 member team thought it fitting to make an

impact on behalf of Project Rescue and

the millions affected by trafficking globally.

We wanted to do a human video that would get people

up out of their seats

and move them to action,"

said youth pastors Rob and Annalise Saenz.

Moldovas recently completed HOH

Article Source: 2008 Cable News Network

Child Prostitution up After Kenya's Election Bloodshed July 21, 2008

This time last year, Janet Kimani spent her days at school and her nights fighting with her little brothers over what to watch on the family's flickering TV set.

Now, she sleeps all day and sells her skinny, 14-year-old body at night for $3 an hour.

"There are so many of us girls on the streets these days," Janet, dressed in a black miniskirt and white blouse, toldThe Associated Press in Eldoret, a western Kenya town that was a flash point of this year's deadly post electioncrisis. ...

... Although no firm figures are yet available, medical experts say they fear the increase in young prostitutes -- known here as "twilight girls" -- will undermine the country's recent gains in the fight against AIDS. For the full story, click here.

A Time to Give!

The directors and staff of Project Rescue

know that growth is an essential part of the

transformation process. We are privileged

to see new life formed in the lives of women

and children every day.

We need you to partner with us for the

continued growth of Project Rescue to bring

life changing opportunities to women and

children rescued from the sex trafficking industry.

$30 per month provides living expenses

for a child's night care during work hours in the brothel.

$100 per month provides multifaceted care

for one survivor in a Home of Hope.

$10,000 contribution helps develop

vocational training for one Project Rescue site.

Every day we join together with our

Project Rescue staff to bring the Good News

of the transforming power of Jesus to women

and girls rescued from sexual slavery

Send your contribution to:
Project Rescue

P.O. Box 922
Springfield, MO 65801

or call toll free to donate: 1-877-840-4800

Project Rescue's AGWM account # 6149520


"Our dream is to make people aware of their part in redeeming millions of girls
by the grace of God."
- David Grant

As international speakers and lecturers at colleges, universities, major conferences,

and related events, David and Beth offer an array of personal stories and insightful

information along with encouragement and inspiration.

To host David, Beth or a Project Rescue team

member at your event, contact info@projectrescue.com or call 1-866-862-0919 for

information today!

Speaking Engagements with David & Beth Grant

Oct 6-8: Potomac District Ministers Retreat

Oct 10-12: Rocky Mountain Women's Ministries
Oct 12 am: Trinity Assembly, Escalon, CA

Oct 19 am: Calvary Christian Church, Lynnfield, MA

Oct 19 pm: Bethany Assembly, Agawam, MA

Oct 24-26: Northrn Cal/Nevada Women's Ministries Retreat

Oct 26 am: Brockton, MA

Oct 30 - Nov 1: The National Network for Women in Ministry event:


We love hearing what creative things you're doing to support Project Rescue!
Please click here to write us.

info@projectrescue.com · Toll Free 866-862-0919 · Local 417-833-5564 · Fax 417-833-5568
P.O. Box 922, Springfield, MO 65801

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