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Yes, this is the right place to share the MISSION in your  heart, life & mind!



When you get to the end of YouTube videos ~ this one in particular, there are little videos at the bottom with related songs and each one you can click on and hear that song...see that video. 

In this case, these are 12 beautiful songs from Lakewood Live Church with Cindy Cruse Ratcliff, Israel Houghton, and the whole worship team. I do not get the privilege to enjoy WORSHIP in English here with all the contemporary music but thanks to internet, I am being blessed. So though this is from years ago(I think) is new to me and the message of these songs need to get down in our hearts & our spirit and know that RIGHT where you are, you can SHARE JESUS! GOD IS SPEAKING STILL TO THE NATIONS! This doesn't mean you need to GO but


Right where we are!

Here is the list of songs and the time each one takes, come back and see each one whenever you need to HEAR God speak!!! Trust me these songs are anointed! Choose one today & let me know which one blesses you...

MY MISSION FOR THIS WEEK is to continue daily to try & lead others to JESUS or knowing that 


I have read so many blogs that have a MISSION, have a CAUSE, have a PURPOSE to share
JESUS! But few come here and share their mission with others. Since I'm in a foreign country, you may think I believe that MISSION is BEING CALLED as a missionary, going on short term mission trips (which many are available) but my whole intent of this BLOG is to tell you that YOU have a MISSION right there where you are! Many have shared great links to their missions here and each one is truly valuable to the Kingdom of God! 

I want to highlight a special blogger many of you already know & love! Her name is Denise over at SHORTYBEAR'S PLACE!

Each week without fail...Denise shares FANTASTIC ideas that you each could do as well.
Let me go through the ones that DENISE has shared:

And the list goes on....because Denise posts on other days her heart for many that I consider her daily mission. She is a treasure and a true example of reaching beyond herself, her own health problems, her own financial circumstances and GIVES as God leads her, SHARES as God moves her ... and BLESSES many just by reaching within herself to change others for JESUS'. She is a true missionary ... right where she lives ... right from her physical confinement due to her own declining health, she is rising above and showing others how to be Jesus to anyone & everyone,
regardless ... of what our natural eyes see ... Denise sees with beautiful spiritual eyes that SHINE
the LIGHT of JESUS in the darkness of other's lives ... from where she or each of us came to HIS GLORY & FOR HIS KINGDOM! 

Now this should empower YOU & inspire YOU that YOU too have a MISSION. May GOD show YOU one for this week but even as Beth shared in Super Sunday here...

"Think of one person--just one. Then ask that person to attend church with you, share your hope in Jesus, reach out and touch someone today with the Love of Our Lord! I've got to tell SOMEBODY!!"


I did have other "missions" that have been called to my attention to share but there are many more days and MONDAYS to share...this is what God told me to share this day! My mission will continue whether I share it or not but by sharing and making others AWARE, hopefully draws YOU into a new motivation for SHARING JESUS & LIVING for JESUS!

May my encouragement to you stir your spirit & confirm that you, too, have an urgent call from Jesus! Many are despairing & perishing right within our midst, please throw them a line to SAFETY, HOPE & ETERNITY! You have the keys, why not share?  Invite others here.

JOIN US for Mission4Monday!


sailorcross said...

You've just inspired the pants off of me!!

And God did bring me some one today!! A new little boy in my preschool class!!

He sat and listened to the story of Jesus healing the blind man. We all hid our eyes with our hands so they could see what it felt like not to be to see. Then they were told the story.

When this little boy's mom picked him up, he excitedly said to her, "Mommy, JESUS CAN DO ANYTHING!"

The trust and joy of a child--just as we are to come to Jesus!!


Denise said...

Thank you for blessing my heart with such kind words, your friendship is so precious to me. I love you.

Michele Williams said...

Yes, Denise is amazing! I really enjoy her blog, encouragement and friendship as well. Thank you for highlighting her Mission!

Amen, we are all called to a mission... right where we are! Even those of us who are homebound!

Thank you for your Mission!


luvmy4sons said...

We are all missionaries where we are!

Marsha said...

Oh my! I know I say this a lot about songs, but I LOVE this song! And this long, live version is absolutely amazing! I feel like jumping up and down myself.

I'm so glad you featured our sweet Denise. Her ministry to all of us is truly an inspiration.

Blessings to you this day.

Laurie Ann said...

What an inspirational post! I love this music. And Denise...oh, sweet Denise! Great post, Peggy.

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