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There is so much to be thankful for that I just could not pass up the opportunity to share with


So I decided to post my thankfulness over here at MISSIONS because this is where my heart is
and since Iris has chosen HOPE and Sweet Blessings @ Proverbial Sunrise is sharing this month on HOPE and in my previous posts, I shared on HOPE... but this verse from Iris' stirred me:

“But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed. Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect…” 1 Peter 3:14-15

...and right away I thought of MISSIONS! MY HOPE to share JESUS!
Actually, it should be my HOPE to be Jesus to others!

1) I am so thankful that God placed a burden in my heart for the Mexican people: mostly children & women... I'm thankful for so many churches & people getting involved & aware of Stopping Human Trafficking of Children & Women for sexual exploitation. My HOPE is for this to END!

2) I am so thankful that even though I live among the people that my own needs are provided for, though at times, I have had to learn to "suffer" a little... it is nothing like theirs. I have HOPE that Jehovah Jireh will provide and I have miraculously seen Him bless or provide for me, but I also have someone back home in the USA, that supports me and though it is strained at times, this support has never failed and I generally can rely that it will come though ... my HOPE is that I can see God's Provision & Sufficiency in all things & each time my needs are met so I can share my HOPE with others that are in more of a hopeless situation. That I will always show my gratitude.

3) I am thankful that I have bottled water & learning better how to use that for much more than I have in the past because I'm so spoiled & use to opening a faucet & having clean water, even drinkable water, fresh, clean and even with good taste whereas here, let's just say ya' never know what color the water running out of the faucet will be and so can you imagine the bacteria... I know I shared this my last time... my gratefulness of water and how I depend on the Living Water but even my Thirsty Thursday post speaks of this. The reason is I think this is the culprit of many health issues I've had, not knowing and adjusting... even to brushing my teeth, which leads me to my next thankfulness (but I have more on this topic of water).

I HOPE that I remember to use only bottled water for brushing my teeth.

4) I am thankful for no more dental pain on my front crown & that the meds worked to kill the infection or inflammation. I am thankful to be able to eat again after 6 days of living with this not knowing what to do or who to see (because trust me dentists here are not like dentists I have known, nor their practices - even though I know people come here for less expensive dental treatment, I have no idea why) I am thankful I saw a female dentist who just looked at my tooth & prescribed me medicines so I could return for a "cleaning". I will be more thankful that it will just be healed by Jesus and I don't have to go back there and whatever can wait until I go home again...or seriously I was checking on flying home for this especially if it is the root & I need root canal...if you saw even there "spit" sink, you'd know what I'm talking about... anyways I'm thankful that nothing is beyond the LORD's touch & healing, not even a tooth!

My HOPE is for healing and wisdom in what I should do.

5) I'm thankful for the RAINS that come to cool off the temperatures. I HOPE that I see a big difference. It was such a beautiful "sun shower" and my HOPE was in seeing His Son soon.

6) I'm thankful that 3 of my 4 females are out of heat. I HOPE no one is pregnant!

7) I'm thankful for the young boy who asked me for pesos in McDonalds & that I had enough to give him for a cone, but I also gave him my fries & coke. I only wish I had a hamburger to add to it but I was not having any success with 6 ATMs so my funds were limited and I needed to have enough to take the bus home. But there are always opportunities here to bless someone.

May I have the eyes of Christ & the prompting of the Holy Spirit to choose the one & trust God to resupply.

8) I'm thankful for ALL the many people that serve the LORD just here in Mazatlan, multiplied greatly throughout Mexico. I'm thankful for hearts for people that need the LORD! I'm thankful for those who support the missionaries. I'm thankful for the laborers here. I'm thankful for volunteers. I'm thankful for Mexicans being called into the field to gather the harvest. I'm thankful for Youth With a Mission & the Youth answering God's call on their life.

But I'm also thankful for the many serving back home in the USA, where there are so many needs...more and more and we can't turn our eyes from who they all need...JESUS! He is their One True HOPE!

And now I'm back to the WATER issue... so much THANKS for water. I have had my eyes really opened to the needs as in Africa & the many Projects building wells, etc. and doing something to clean water. My heart broke as I watched videos of these that are suffering!

Here in Mazatlan, the Vineyard Church has many wonderful ministries that show Jesus and His HOPE with many outreaches out to the poor in the community.

I shared a video here just last week in my WFW, (which no one viewed or commented on... boohoo) but it shows clearly what touches my heart here.

But I want to share this HOPE from the Vineyard (La Viña) in a Project they share called:

Today, over 1.2 billion people still have no access to clean drinking water; and, in 2004, LaVina started a program to alleviate this problem in the Mazatlan area. The Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) has developed a Biosand water filter that could eliminate over 96% of waterborne disease worldwide by the year 2015. The filter is based on a simple technology that empowers people anywhere in the world to create affordable and effective water filters out of locally available materials.
Under the LaVina program water filters are manufactured and distributed in the Mazatlan area. Labor to fabricate the filters is provided primarily by local Mexican residents; and, as of Spring, 2005, LaVina had distributed over 100 filters in the Mazatlan area. Another 70 - 80 filters were in various stages of production when the photos below (on their site) were taken in April, 2005.

You can help Share the Love of Christ by donating to this project. You can subsidize the cost of a filter to one family for $40US. Or you may choose to expand your gift by subsidizing filters for multiple families or a whole neighborhood or community. The costs to produce, sell, deliver, install and do follow-up visits for 1 biosand water filter is has increased in 2007 to $60US. A $40 subsidy per filter will allow us to continue selling the filters at a price which is affordable to these families.

We sell the filters because, when we previously distributed the filters free of charge, they often were not used. We found that either they were not maintained -- perhaps because of a lack of ownership pride, or the people just didn’t trust them because they were free. So, we now sell the filters to the people for $20US each and give them an option to make small monthly payments, which are affordable to most families. This participation by the user creates a sense of ownership and assures that the filter will be used for a lifetime.

Click on the follwing link to Water Filter Donations to learn how you can help support this ministry. ~ from the Vineyard Church - La Viña

MY HOPE was not to share this because it's not going to help me and I'm not the kind to ask usually for others in this way. My HOPE is just making other people aware and how much we can be thankful for in our comfortable worlds.

This is not a poor rural town, which is much worse...or other locations in Mexico and the world worse, but a highly tourist town, with much wealth and more "condos" all the time for tourists, when as far as I can see, the needs of the many that live here are not being met well. There are times, I have no water at all and I live in a middle class area. I have seen how others live. I have seen mountain towns, where water is such a scarcity. No running water nor bathrooms. I had to bathe from a bucket of water. And people live like this all the time. Women walk miles to gather water. Where I live, we have trucks that daily come by selling bottled water.

My HOPE is not just sharing water but giving these people HOPE in the LIVING WATER but it's really hard when you see the basic needs not being met. And when USA is having hopeless times and lack then all the resources & funding sources dry up also. So I ask you to share your HOPE, pray and ask the LORD to open the gates of heaven, stop injustices and send HOPE to these:


Jesus, share with me Your heart for the lost sheep in this world. I was a lost sheep and I remember how empty I felt and how meaningless everything seemed. Jesus I have known You as Savior and Deliverer but now I want to know You as the Lord of the harvest. I do ask You with all my heart to send out laborers among the lost. I ask that You would fill them with love and power.

Please forgive me for the many opportunities I have missed to speak about You to others. I repent for ignoring the nudge of Your Holy Spirit at times when you wanted me to share. I ask for courage and wisdom. I want to be Your witness in word and deed, seeking wholeheartedly after the lost. Lord bring someone who is seeking across my path today. I want to share with them what You have done for me. According to Your word, “there is salvation in no one else…” Jesus, may Your name be magnified!


Denise said...

I am very thankful for you my friend, I love you.

Karen said... are such an inspiration...I will be praying about the thirst there both physical and spiritual...and for your poor tooth...*ouch*

Karen said...

Praying for you. Thank you for the work you are doing.

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