Monday, September 28, 2009


From my email today (2) URGENT prayer sure to watch this video. It'll break your heart!

Hear A Child's Cry For Hope

You call out
for your 18-month-old child who was laughing and playing in the back yard. Suddenly there is no response. She is gone.

You run to the spot where you last saw her, and you hear muffled cries from an old, abandoned well. You gasp as you realize that she is trapped far beyond your reach, stuck in a narrow pipe, struggling for air. And you know she will die unless she is freed.

Today, Satan has hundreds of millions of innocent boys and girls also trapped—mired in lives of desperation that will kill them just as surely as if they were stuck underground.

Hear A Child's Cry For Hope

I challenge you to watch this short video and see how God is working to save these children from their desperate fate—for now and for eternity.

Yours for His lost children,

K.P. Yohannan
President and Founder


OPEN DOOR IN DELHI - Please Pray with us!

Over the past several months we have sent you updates and prayer needs regarding the city of Delhi. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer over this city! We have seen God open doors that He alone has the power to open, and we are excited about what He is doing.

New ground is being broken for Project Rescue in Delhi. There is no formal Project Rescue work in this city yet. But God has birthed a growing commitment in the hearts of a number of national and AGWM colleagues to partner together to see this ministry established. We see His timing and direction towards this end. Relationships are being built with women in the red-light district, and workers have been meeting together to pray over the city and the red-light area.
A HOME OF HOPE IN DELHI IS ESSENTIAL. Women and children cannot be brought out of sexual exploitation until there is a safe place of skilled care and healing for them. LOCAL STAFF ARE NEEDED who are trained and understand the needs of survivors.

Please join us in prayer as we face critical moments and decisions in the process of seeing God’s work accomplished in Delhi!

  • For anointed and dedicated national believers for outreach in the red light areas in Delhi
  • For national believers to help establish a Hope of Hope in Delhi: house parents, staff, teachers and mentors
  • That God will go before those working in Delhi as they navigate the political, legal, social, spiritual and economic challenges in red-light areas
  • For protection, discernment and direction for all Project Rescue staff

We truly value and appreciate your prayers. They are moving mountains!

David and Beth Grant

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