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Saint Patrick's Day being used as a day of outreach to save others!

Isn't that fantastic?

And so can YOU!
WFW is a great way to be an outreach!

Here's a view from last year 2009. but International House of Prayer (IHOP) intends to do it again! Praise God!

I read about this earlier and could not find the link I filed, so I can not give credit to where I found this (sorry,forgive me IHOP blogger) but here's what happens:

In Kansas City, each year, everyone is Irish for one day!
This year, an estimated 125,000 people, mostly young families, filled Broadway Blvd in Midtown, KC to be Irish and watch the 36th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, one of the largest in the nation.

For the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP–KC), the day begins at 7AM as hundreds of people gather for prayer and last minute instructions before hitting the streets. Their goal is to engage the gathering parade crowd with the truth about Jesus Christ. Varied evangelism strategies include:

• St. Pat tract distribution teams
• Street preacher, musician and heckler teams
• St. Pat survey teams
• Prophetic evangelism teams
• Video interview teams
Before the parade began at 11AM:
• The pre-parade evangelism teams spoke personally to over 10,000 people
• They passed out 6,000 St. Pat tracts
• Numerous people received prophetic words that opened their hearts
• Healing miracles were reported right on the parade route
• Over 50 people prayed to receive Christ as savior and Lord

One of the outstanding features of the parade for the last three years has been a float entry by IHOP–KC’s Forerunner Evangelism department.

Saint Patrick, a striking figure, bearded and in humble monk’s robe stands atop a fifteen-foot green mountain, grasping an eight-foot cross draped in red. From high above the parade route he speaks to the crowd, disarming them with his Irish brogue and folksy warmth before thundering out his 30–45-second sermonette via a hidden miniature mic and P.A. system.

“Welcome to my parade, Kansas City! Tis I, Saint Patrick! I’m so glad you’ve come to celebrate with me today! And aye, tis a beautiful day the good Lord has given us, isn’t it!

My friends, do you know Him and do you know how much He loves you? The Lord doesn’t change. He loved the people of Ireland in my day and He loves you folks here in Kansas City in the same way. He is calling you! Can ye hear His voice? He is saying: Turn my friends, turn from your sinful ways and come to Me. Yes, Kansas City, turn to Jesus, turn to Him!”

The massive crowd is dumbstruck in silence for the most part, caught off guard by the preaching of Justin Perry, this year’s St. Patrick. Immediately following the homily to repent and believe, the unsuspecting parade-goers are in for a second surprise.

Suddenly the attention of the crowd is drawn to 600–700 musicians, singers and dancers from the prayer room of IHOP–KC, as they begin belting out an upbeat, Gaelic version of Todd Agnew’s worship chorus Grace Like Rain.

“Hallelujah, grace like rain falls down on me
Hallelujah, all my stains are washed away, washed away”

The worshipers are a sea of Irish green stretching out for almost a hundred yards. The crescendo of worship arises to God as thousands of streamers are hoisted high and sway rhythmically together in the breeze. Like King David of old, these worshipers unashamedly sing and shout, dance and twirl before the Lord in the streets of Kansas City. This cycle is repeated fifteen times as the float works its way slowly down the 1.2-mile parade route.

People’s faces betray them. Some parade-goers cannot look or listen without turning away for shame, while others are suddenly radiant in the fact that this story is theirs also. Some of them break into song and dance as we pass by.

PRAISE THE LORD! St. Patrick is still touching souls for the Lord through the hands and feet of the people who follow Jesus and know the importance of salvation found only through Jesus Christ! What a beautiful way to reach people!

Another blogger shares over here (but this was from 2008) and I know I had a recent one... I found it HERE

Posting this the day before, hoping that if you're in the area, you can make a trip over and participate...

Over at my regular blog, aMazing Grace...Mazes, Messes, Miracles, I will be sharing a special St. Patrick's Day post "I ARISE TODAY..." besides my WFW on El Shaddai and a blessing it will be for ALL...but if you miss it "Happy St. Patrick's Day"!!!

Maybe this will inspire you or your church to get involved and reach OUT?

View of Croagh Patrick in Ireland
[photo credit]
but I did the WFW verse

"The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace." Numbers 6:24-26

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Karen said...

Wow! This was all so awesome...thanks for sharing all these wonderful outpourings....

lori said...

Hey I did come here but it was last year's post...what in the world!

I LOVE this, but I loved the ducks too!! St. Patrick...what a servant, such obedience! It would have been COOL to meet him, huh?? Hear him tell it...I often wonder about stuff like that. These people were REAL...it'll be neat to chat one day with them...especially Paul and Moses and Isaiah...

Okay, so HERE is my confession! ALL this time I thought that it was a BIRD on your little pic and NOW I look and it's a puppy!! Oh my goodness!!

It's been VERY busy...I spoke today. The enemy did try and stop it but God is GOOD, ALL the time!

You can see my talk at AWI in the handouts...I posted the ppt. for everyone...it was about Reviving your Gift Giving Spirit!

Hugs dear Peggy!!
I swear there were DUCKS here before! LOL!!

love ya!

Laurie said...

So good to find your blog; I love your heart for missions and your posts are God-honoring. I will be back to visit often, Thank you for visiting my blog!

Cathy said...

That was a great post for St Patrick's Day, Peggy. How people need the Lord! Thanks for sharing it. And your picture and verse is so pretty. Love you ~

Lois of HisFireKids.com said...

Thanks so much for not only your post but the WHOLE site...I too love missions and grieve for the 75% of the planet that is in need....
Thanks for what you are doing...

Are u on twitter?
I am

@HisFireKids if you are...

I will look for your RSS feed.

Were you too at the AWI conference?
Happy WFW

Lois of HisFireKids.com said...

Wait a minute...
were u on twitter #AWI and said you couldn't listen to #AWI due to ur internet connection speed?

And @HisFireKids
or @_ParentingTwins wrote back to you today????

No way....


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