Monday, August 9, 2010


"Lord Jesus Christ we pray that You will grant to the people of this nation and all nations the will to do good, to flee from evil, and to practice all righteousness, making us respectful of life and sharers of Your blessings, caring for one another in mercy and truth.
Remove all evil from our hearts and wickedness from the laws of lands that allow human slavery and enable women and children to be trafficked. Give us the courage to be servants of Your holy will and performers of Your Love by what we do and not just what we say.”
Kindle in our hearts the will to care for the needy, to show kindness to the poor, to aid the homeless and help the helpless. As we have freely received your love and grace, help us to freely give to those in need. Amen.” from SHE IS PRICELESS

SHE IS PRICELESS has an excellent devotional available as a pdf...

For example, on Day 1... they share a story... then they have a STATISTIC to think on for the day:
"Every 2 minutes a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation"
SCRIPTURES to study: Psalm 43:1; Psalm 120:2; Psalm 144:11

PRAYER FOCUS: Pray that the Lord will close the eyes of the ones seeking vulnerable girls to traffic. Pray that the girl's eyes will be opened to the truth and that they would flee.

This is the part that I especially like to DRIVE THE POINT HOME PERSONALLY!!!

"Set an alarm to go off every two minutes. Say a prayer every time that alarm goes off for the little ones all around the world who are being prepared (set up for seduction) for exploitation.
Let the enormity of the situation and the frequencies of the alarms going off sink in. However, be careful to not get so overwhelmed that you shut your mind down.


Then they have an INVOLVE OTHERS & ACT!!!

This is so great but there are only 5 days given, but PRICELESS (the book) would be a good addition to your library or your church's library. It's time we open our eyes and really be JESUS & do something to STOP TRAFFICKING

How would you feel, if it were your sister, daughter, child?

or any

God's children,
deserves more than this
for their life.
each one.
Let's show them!

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Karen said...

The two minute alarm is heartbreaking....

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