Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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"Real caring is the willingness to help each other in making our brokenness
into the gateway to joy."
~ Henri Nouwen
Steve Green

Today, I learned of a new carnival/meme called ONE WORD at a TIME with Bridget Chumbley and today's WORD was 


I'm linking up late with them because I sensed God leading me to share not on my brokenness but on SOME OTHER PRECIOUS ONES and their BROKENNESS.

Each one of the bloggers that linked had wonderful writings about 'brokenness' as I lurked and read most of the day, many of the 30, so I did not want to forget these many bloggers and what they wrote and shared from their hearts. My writing does not compare to theirs, but my heart does and the cause that I am sharing is ONE of extreme BROKENNESS!

I could not help but think of this SONG, the many times that I've wanted to write on brokenness in my own life yet never have. I cannot help but think of Mary in the Bible and her Alabaster Jar. I certainly cannot forget, Our Lord and Savior "broken and spilled out". It is certain that brokenness is usual thought of as a sad, hurtful time, but there are also positive parts to brokenness. We are often eluded of any hope in restoration, while in the midst of our personal brokenness.
"What is the final objective of the Lord's working in our lives? It is to break this earthen vessel, to break our alabaster box, to crack open our shell. The Lord longs to find a way to bless the world through those who belong to Him.  Brokenness is the way of blessing, the way of fragrance, the way of fruitfulness, but it is also a path sprinkled with blood. Yes, there is blood from many wounds. When we offer ourselves to the Lord to be at His service, we cannot afford to be lenient, to spare ourselves. We must allow the Lord utterly to crack our outward man, so that He may find a way for His out working. " ~ The Importance of Brokenness
Since I am sharing this over here at MISSIONS, I would like you to consider the "brokenness" of the many children and women being trafficked. These victims are broken over and over again. Their process to "healing" and restoration, if they are ever rescued from this horror, will take years and many compassionate hearts. It takes a church, a people open and ready to minister & reach out.



Leviticus 26:13
Freed from Shame
As we walk closely with God, our burden of guilt is broken.

Psalm 124:7
Delivered from schemes
Praise God for the countless times He has delivered us from our enemies.

Psalm 34:18
Rescued in humility
By surrendering our stubbornness and arrogance, He accepts our brokenness and hears the prayers of the righteous.

Isaiah 53:5
Healed from within
Those who trust in the Lord receive inner peace, as His brokenness satisfies God's price for our sin.

Luke 4:18
Restored eternally
Jesus, the long awaited Messiah, fulfills Isaiah 61:1-2 prophesy of renewal.

Matthew 26:26
John 19:36
1 Corinthians 11:23-24

Here's a STORY of just one such teen in the USA that was a VICTIM of this HUMAN TRAFFICKING, and will be shared with Dottie on her radio show this Thurs., Sept. 23rd... I'm sure many of you were thinking that Human Trafficking is just for other third world countries like India, Thailand, or even here in Mexico... YES, it does happen there BUT IT IS RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE!!! HERE'S another eye opening story and there are so many more.

"Imagine yourself or your daughter: you are living in a brothel (or a place that
is keeping you against your will to profit from you).
Imagine the pain each day. Day after day after day, you are held hostage
and raped repeatedly.
Imagine how your hope weakens each time you pray.
You go to bed every night praying for the pain to stop.
Yet every morning you wake up to another day of beatings and rape.
Your hope wanes. You see no end in sight.
You are told vehemently and violently,
anytime that rescue is brought up
that it will never be possible
and you will live out your
entire life in this
[many times, they are told that they know where their family is and will threaten them]
[many times they are told that they are in debt to their captors]
~ this is taken from the 3rd devotional of a pdf from a  book

So when I think of my times of brokenness, I am put to shame as I am reminded of these unknown yet known victims; women and worse, CHILDREN that are stripped of all human dignity, mistreated and abused. There is no reason for their brokenness through something that they did, but what was done to them. This is extreme injustice! And I, for one, am ANGRY about this. They are left with the scars for a lifetime, unfairly imposed on them and we have the chance to do something to put their pieces back together or STOP IT from ever happening. 

Here's ONE of many things that you can DO about this by joining BORN2FLY with Diane Scimone - go to her blog by clicking on the link to read more about THIS:

10/10/10 Twitterthon to stop child trafficking


• Donate: Use the Chip-in widget above (or here) to donate $10. (You don't have to wait til 10/10/10 to donate of course.)
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"Traffickers think kids are commodities. On 10/10/10, tell kids they’re priceless. All it takes is $10." ~ Diane Scimone




This is a WORD for each broken heart!!! Yes, you being trafficked and even you, the traffickers (may God have mercy & redeem you from your evil, sick hearts & may you find forgiveness too)... and any among us that the Lord sees as BROKEN:

"I Am Walking Among You to Heal Your Broken Hearts"
The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on September 7, 2010 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:
The Father would say, "Here I am walking among you. I am walking among you to heal your broken hearts. For I have come in the midst of you to heal your broken hearts. For have I not said in My Word I have come to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free?
"I am coming tonight to read the disappointment that is in your heart. For the enemy has come and he has tried to set up a camp of rejection. And in that camp of rejection there has been heaviness in your heart. And I have come tonight as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords to bring My joy to renew your strength; to bring hope where there was despair; to bring answers to where there are questions; to have you understand that lo, I am with you always.
"For I have not forsaken My own, nor shall I forsake My own. For I have sealed you with My Spirit," says the Lord your God.
~ Elijah List; Eileen Fisher, prophet


Glynn said...

I can't imagne it. But it's real, whether I can imagine it or not. Great post.

Bridget Chumbley said...

Glynn responded so well (as always).

Great post. Thank you.

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