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Journey Unit Content Page | Journeys | American Bible Society: DAY 1: PEOPLE

I started a 40 day JOURNEY today with American Bible Society (ABS) called "The Least of These". It has been offered to churches to start on January 16th... so I'm a little ahead of the church starting day. ABS has so many options available. I had started reading the full Bible at the beginning again but I wanted a plan that would challenge me in my MISSION purpose and serving "the least of these".  

Here is ABS description of this one: 

Poverty, war, famine, disease; there are a lot of things in this world that are unsettling. While the solutions aren’t always so clear to us, God’s Word can be a frequent reminder that everything is under God’s control and that in the end, he will bring justice to all who have been oppressed.

However there is also one on JUSTICE and POVERTY and individual concerns as well, like DEPRESSION, LONELINESS, ANGER, ANXIETY, PRAYER etc. with 7 day, 40 day, 100 day, ongoing choices[I highly recommend checking out BIBLE JOURNEYS under Bible Ministry with ABS]


So for TODAY INSTEAD OF JUST READING FROM GENESIS, which I had done earlier (chapters 22-24),I was able to go back and read Genesis 1 starting with verse 26 and 27... but READ more to REFLECT on "being made in God's image"

"Many have argued over what it really means to be “made in God’s image,” but at the very least, it indicates something profoundly significant about humans. To mistreat people is to forget this crucial fact: they are made in the image of God. This affects not only who we are, but how we behave.
These words in Genesis help us understand that each of us - every man, woman and child - bears God’s stamp. As we understand and live this out, our lives reflect the One who created us. Instead of oppressing others, we empower them; instead of standing idle, we get involved. We stand up for justice, speak out for the powerless, and love the unloved.
Why? Because we’re taking after our Father in heaven."

and RESPOND to a great suggestion ABS makes and their prayer:

"Build up a picture of what God is like. Every time you read the Bible, write down what it tells you about God, perhaps in a journal.
Lord, I look at the stars at night, and I wonder why you care about us. I look at the earth, and I wonder why you’ve been given us such immense responsibility. You are the ruler and yet you trust us to rule. You are amazing!" ~ ABS, JOURNEY, "THE LEAST OF THESE"

WHY NOT JOIN ME ON THIS JOURNEY?... or choose another... they're all great!!!

...and because I wanted to be up to date, I read up until DAY 7, which was CHILDREN (perfect for my MISSION or anyone) from the reading in Matthew 19:13-15

"Jesus also gives stern warnings about anyone who causes them to fall  into sin (18.6). The abuse, neglect, oppression and exploitation of and exploitation children can do exactly that: tripping them up and ensnaring them in sin, self-destructive behavior, shame, despair and rage.
It’s a rescue mission: go find them, save them from the hands of those who would exploit them,  give them what they need to flourish and, most of all, bring them into the presence of Jesus." ~ ABS, "The Least of These" ...
Journey Unit Content Page | Journeys | American Bible Society  DAY 7: CHILDREN

PRAYER for the CHILDREN: yours, mine, and others... each one matters to God! Thank You, LORD for these gifts from You, their joy and laughter, their energy and enthusiasm; their precious loyalty and love. Guard each on and protect them. Bring them each to the saving grace and knowledge of You as their Lord and Savior! Each of us as Your Children have been made in Your image. Thank You Lord!

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