Monday, January 3, 2011


Today (actually Thurs.) I was reading through and catching up in my Google Reader, my heart broke for these women that I don't even know... through a blog friend's post (that I have not visited for a long time), Sharon's Quiet Reflections, I came to be awakened to yet another horrific injustice...

I had to post this back a few days from when I actually read "I Can Not Forget" by Sharon and followed her link to WHEN WAR CAME but I knew that I had to share this here and read further about this dilemma.

This is appalling...WHY??? why is this allowed to go on... why? A BATTLE AGAINST BRUTALITY

“Since fighting began in August 1998, 5.4 million Congolese have lost their lives in the second deadliest conflict since World War II. Some 45,000 people die each month; children account for 47 percent of those deaths…Killing is routine. And so are sexual crimes against women and children. In Eastern DRC, the prevalence of rape and other sexual violence is described as the worst in the world. The situation is grim, complex and largely ignored by the Western world.” (American Bible Society)

I am so thankful for AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY! If you take the time to read any or When War Came
you will hear much about this wonderful woman...

Through Journeys, God’s Word can be delivered by SMS and a variety of other methods such as e-mail and audio.

I thank God for you Mama Jeanne, you are HOPE in the Congo for so many... and I agree with this article
GIVING ABUNDANTLY (where I borrowed your beautiful photo)... when John Walter writes:
"I smile when I realize I have seen a face of Christ." How very true!

PRECIOUS IN GOD'S EYES (each and everyone) how can these people be so forgotten? and we think our lives are complicated or we feel forgotten... does not even come close to these horrific stories. I plead with you to become aware and make others aware...take the time to read the stories of 7 who shared in WHEN WAR CAME ... and Sharon's Quiet Reflection where love and passion drive compassion to share from her heart for these sisters in Christ.


I truly do not have the words to share about this other than to ask you to PRAY and ask God to STOP this.
I have no idea how this nation can be called Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) because this is so far from democracy or JUSTICE!

"There is a desperate need for ABS and the Church in the West to sit up and take notice of what's going on in the region" Briggs says. "We're going to do all we can to help."

His promise to the Congolese: We will not forget you. ~ from American Bible Society(ABS), A Battle against Brutality

We can no longer close our eyes to what's happening in the world. Just taking time to read this or pray is taking time away from you, but it's a small sacrifice in comparison to what others are suffering.

*comments are closed so you take that time to read at least one of these links... and PRAY

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