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PRAY TODAY for ... this country
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm late but not totally, at least I did not miss it completely! I'm right in the middle... of their journey. So this is how you do a blog in a HURRY! If I had not had MALWARE problems at this blog this past MON., I may have remembered this and had this posted then. ¡ QUE DIOS LES BENDIGA!

Follow the team of bloggers as they travel in Ecuador and experience firsthand the ministry of COMPASSION to children living in poverty. Follow their journey in Ecuador via words, pictures and video between November 8 and November 12, 2011 at their own blogs or COMPASSION'S BLOG
Travel in Ecuador with Compassion Bloggers
  • Amanda is a minister’s wife and work-at-home mom. She runs Baby Bangs, a blog dedicated to the adventure of motherhood.
  • Kelly runs Kelly’s Corner, is passionate about Jesus and loves sharing her faith through her blog.
  • Sophie runs BooMama and has been blogging for six years where she shares about her family and Jesus. You probably won’t ever find her blogging about clowns.
  • Ann is a Compassion advocate, best-selling author and blogger who runs A Holy Experience, a blog that will challenge and encourage your faith.
  • Melanie is a native Texan who runs Big Mama a blog about family life and all sorts of fun related topics.
PLEASE KEEP THESE BLOGGERS IN YOUR PRAYERS as they travel and return and also their own FAMILIES!


  • Ready or not, Ecuador. Here we come.

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  • Ready or not, Ecuador. Here we come.

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  • All this talk of dreams makes me think of Van Halen

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  • Seeing a glimmer of hope

  • And The Church Grows

  • Ecuador’s littles. . .

  • Courtesy of Compassion International:

    I copied this because I could not find a web banner that was specific to ECUADOR like this except a small one for "Today is my birthday"... Hope it does not cause any more problems like the previous image that did the damage on Mon. but that was not from COMPASSION.




    We were ALL made for a mission...God has a unique purpose & plan for everyone.
    ALL MONTH, Every Week, Every's a lifetime experience!
    This is where we share MISSIONS that have been placed on our hearts or in our lives. For God has given each of us a purpose & a unique plan to fulfill.
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    Thank you for doing this and sharing!
    Micey also has been to Haiti and shared. Please pray for Micey. Once again she has returned to help in Haiti!
    Lots going on over here. PRAISE GOD & continue to pour out blessings on Auto Mission & Sherry w/Cowboy.
    Nancie was a participant in the very beginning, but unable to currently blog actively. Yet she still has much good material to read in her previous posts along her sidebar.
    Choose one or all or any & be blessed!
    Mission 4 Monday sadly ended last year as a meme, but I continue to share here and I know others also share various MISSIONS, especially the people above. Check them out!!! Encourage and perhaps join us.
    Since my life is a MISSION, I share whenever I can. There are many of you, who do community involvement/church events, volunteer opportunities or know missionaries that you could share to motivate others. Motherhood and Homeschooling are MISSIONS and callings!!!
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    Thank you ALL for participating when you were able & sharing your mission & heart with us!

    I still believe that each one of us "were made for a mission" and an opportunity crosses our path each week to serve others as a MISSION. Open your eyes & see the needs around us!

    I still believe in the great value & worth of sharing MISSIONS!

    I still believe that you do not have to be a missionary "sent out in the world" to be a missionary. Your home, your neighborhood, your community is filled with needs to be met with the passion & compassion of Jesus Christ. One day a week or month, take the time. It may be the first "short term" mission that God moves in you & touches others with His love.

    I still believe "all" that Rick Warren shared in "The Purpose Driven Life" especially Purpose #5!

    I still believe that I will continue to share MISSIONS put on my heart right here.

    "God has given you a Life Message to share..."

    and I know that HE gave me a LIFE MESSAGE and
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    PRAISE the LORD for REPENTANCE in HAITI! Keep praying; get ready to repent in USA & WORLDWIDE

    My dear friend Cathy sent me an email about this. This one is provided by SERMON INDEX of the LOVING HANDS Ministry in Haiti.

    Tears of the Saints

    I had "Tears of the Saints" from Acts1v8 on Vimeo.

    You are the light of the world' –– Jesus talking to His disciples.

    Are we being the 'salt and light' that we are called to be?

    I needed to remove the Vimeo because it says for PRIVATE USE! It's still worth seeing and all of the others available through Mission Mobilizer. It looks like "Tears of the Saints" is no longer available.

    So I have replaced it with this song by Leeland & YouTube by lkittycat


    1625 children were forced to live on the streets

    1667 children died from malnutrition or disease

    115 children became prostitutes

    257 children were orphaned because of HIV/Aids.

    It gets worse...

    2 billion people in the world today have never ever heard of Jesus. 1% of missions financial support, goes to reaching those unreached people. 30,000 people starve to death every day.

    *taken from the Vimeo "Tears of a Saint"

    OCTOBER is ...

    The Breast Cancer Site


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