Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 DAYS of ... "Cuanto Nos Ama"


Cuanto Nos Ama

How He Loves us

Lesson: El amor (the love) as a noun but this lesson is on the verb about ... El Amor de Dios (the love of God)

Amar = to love

It's an -ar infinitive and I gave you the endings for this back on Day 2 for the Present Tense. Drop the -ar and add the ending to the root stem of am___

Do you remember the endings? 
-o, -as, -a; -amos, -ais, -an

So the first part means love... and you add the endings

I love      am_____              we love      am________

you love  am_____               you all love am_______
he loves   am_____              they love     am_______
she loves
you (formal) love

Now HE in this case
is God = Dios

God loves us!

Dios nos am___

As you may have noticed by now, Spanish seems reversed but it could be English. 

The (in)direct object of the love,  is "us" in English; which would be: 
me, you, him, her, us, them

In Spanish: 
Direct object pronouns come before the main verb:
me, te, lo, la; nos, os, los, las
Indirect object pronouns come before the main verb:
me, te, le; nos, os, les

Dios _______ ama. God loves me.

Dios _______ ama. God loves you.

Dios lo ama. God loves him.
Dios la ama.

Dios _______ ama.

¿ Amas Dios?
Do you love God?
[said with the inflection in your voice of a question]

¿ Me amas?
Do you love me?

"...Then feed my sheep..."

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