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31 DAYS of ... Kari Jobe in Spanish and English

Canciones cristianas
en el español
Christian songs in Spanish

And this entire last week
is featuring
my favorite female
bilingual singer
Kari Jobe
Where I Find You [+video]

It was hard for me to just limit myself to this week and choose only this many from her Spanish CDs, which also were done in English. I'm trying to not only choose the ones I like best but also ones that are basic enough to help you with learning Spanish. However, my main reason for selecting Kari Jobe (because there are others) is because you may be familiar with her songs in English or at least I can link you to the same song in both languages

Her most recent release (2012) is "Where I Find You" (above) or "Donde Te Encuentro" and before that in 2009 

"Le Canto" 
Kari Jobe
"I sing to Him"
I'm singing

DAY 22
Kari Jobe "Le Canto"
[this starts with "Le Canto" and I think it will continue sharing a playlist of 11 of the 12 songs on this CD. Nope, they want you to listen to it in a standalone player so this does not work just click over to You Tube by clicking on that YouTube in the right bottom corner or the underlined part that says Watch on YT]

Kari Jobe's You Tube Channel

Here is Kari LIVE singing
"Le Canto"
"Tu Bondad"
Your Kindness
OK this has alot of words but see if you can do the 
"Le canto" chorus part or even follow along
Try to sing along with the BOLD parts

Solo un nombre será eterno
solo Él la era cambio
solo un rey tiene un himno
que por siempre se escuchará

Y le canto al Dios
que trae la salvación a las naciones
reyes, mares se postren ante Él
y le canto al Dios de Salvación
la cual creo y es autor
Quien me cubre con su gracia,
Yo... le canto

Solo una palabra en el principio
solo una verdad reinará
solo un amor nos libera
solo un hombre se entrego

Y le canto al Dios
que trae la salvación a las naciones
reyes, mares se postren ante Él
y le canto al Dios de Salvación
la cual creo y es autor
Quien me cubre con su gracia,
Yo... le canto

Yo alabo al cordero
Alabo al Salvador
Yo alabo al eterno
Por mi Salvación

Y le canto al Dios
que trae la salvación a las naciones
reyes, mares se postren ante Él
y le canto al Dios de Salvación
la cual creo y es autor
:Quien me cubre con su gracia,
Yo ... le canto:(2Xs)
(repeat) le canto

Yep, that's a mouthful and fast!

"Digno y Santo"
is probably one of the easiest ones
from Kari to learn

I'm so sorry but after finishing this, listening and looking at all the words and the difficulty, this was not the best choice. Nor is "Tu Bondad" ... hopefully, the others I have chosen will be better or less difficult. That is why I gave you the substitute song "Digno y Santo" Worthy and Holy

Let's face it, Kari just does not sing the easiest songs to sing along ... but she does it so well. (sigh)

[The following is a widget I'm trying out here, so we'll see what it does or how it works when this publishes]
Anyways, these are the songs on "Le Canto" CD

Kari Jobe - Le Canto Album Lyrics
1.Le Canto Lyrics
2.Me Sanaste Lyrics
3.Gozandome Lyrics
4.Bello Lyrics
5.Espera Lyrics
6.Nunca Paras De Cantar Lyrics
7.No Hay Otro Nombre Lyrics
8.Tu Bondad Lyrics
9.Levantame En Amor Lyrics
10.Digno Y Santo Lyrics
11.Tu Eres Para Mi Lyrics
12.Tengo Paz En Mi Ser Lyrics


Actually to say "I'm singing" (I am singing) you are in construction ... the infinitive of the verb (to sing) is 


So it's an -ar infinitive; you drop the -ar and add the ending for the subject in the tense (time) that you are speaking, or in this case singing and in the Present tense

canto     I sing                      cantamos we sing

cantas   you sing                   cantáis you all sing

canto     he/she/it sings         cantan   they sing
            usted (you formal sing)

In construction form

to be (estar) is conjugated + present participle (-ing in English) of the main verb

cantar = cantando   -ar verbs use -ando for English -ing
to sing    singing

What I've done below is conjugate estar in the present
and added the present participle of cantar (cantando)

                  Singular                     Plural
1st person) estoy cantando             estamos cantando
2nd person)estás cantando             estáis cantando
3rd person) está cantando              están cantando

    Juan está cantando.
    John (he) is singing
    Maria está cantando.
    Mary (she) is singing 
    The choir (it) esta cantando.
    Usted está cantando.
(formalYou are singing.
I used names for the 3rd person singular instead of the subject pronoun in parentheses so you can see that is where you would say someone's name. You would not say the subject pronoun (that is used in place of the subject).

Intro Day 1 post
for a list of
each day

And if you have a moment, please visit a few of the 1000s participating in this 31 day series, hosted by The Nester.

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