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31 DAYS of ... Kari Jobe in Spanish and English

Canciones cristianas
en el español
Christian songs in Spanish

You probably will recognize this as
a well known hymn
in English

but the title in Spanish is not the same
"Tengo Paz en Mi Ser" / "I have Peace in my being"
however, I'm sure this is what the English title means

DAY 24
[sorry if you have to watch this at YouTube, I couldn't find another]

when we say
"It is well"

De paz inundada mi senda este,
o cubra la mar de aflicción, 
Cualquiera que sea mi suerte diré...
Estoy bien, tengo paz, Gloria a Dios!

Estoy bien, 
Gloria a Dios!
Tengo paz 
en mi ser, 
Gloria a Dios!

Oh cuanto, me gozo en Su Salvación
fue pleno Su Amor y perdón
clavó mi pecar en la cruz lo olvido
Gloria a Dios que Su hijo envió...

Estoy bien, 
Gloria a Dios!
tengo paz en mi ser, 
Gloria a Dios!♥

Mi fe tornarase, feliz realidad 
al irse en la niebla veloz, 
Deciende Jesús con Su Gran Majestad, 
Aleluya estoy bien con mi Dios ...

Estoy bien, 
Gloria a Dios, 
:Tengo paz en mi ser, 
Gloria a Dios:
I know that you can do the chorus of this one!!!

"Estoy bien."
"Gloria a Dios!"
"Tengo paz en mi ser."
"Gloria a Dios"

Good answer when someone asks you
How are you?*

To reply with the words from this hymn
*¿Cómo estás? (familiar) or ¿Cómo está? (formal)
both mean the same just the 2nd one shows 
more respect and is formal unless you know the person well (familiar)

Many things that we say in English, "I am ..." in Spanish, you would say, "I have ...". An easy one to illustrate this is with our age... we ask in English, "How old are you?" and answer "I'm ...." but in Spanish it is asked, how many years do you have? "¿Cuantos años tiene(s) usted? so you answer with "Tengo ... "I have... and the amount of years.
As is so in this case also with this song "I have peace in my soul, my being" and so "it is well with my soul." 

So today we're going to learn tener (to have - as a possession) not the "have" as a helping verb for construction [that would be another word in Spanish (haber)]. There is also an idiomatic expression with
tener que [prononced "kay'] (for when you have to do something like an obligation or a must do) 
Present tense of tener (to have) and tener que (would be the same, but the word that follows must be used in its infinitive form like cantar (to sing) "I have to sing.
"Tengo que cantar."
-er endings for present tense are: -o,-es,-e,-emos,-éis,-en

So we drop the -er from the infinitive and add these endings but ohh oh, tener is irregular which means you have to learn it because it does not follow the pattern. It's like this ... the e changes to ie in the verb stem tener, it's called a shoe verb
tengo                                       tenemos
tienes [pronounced tee-eh-nehs] teneis
tiene  [tee-eh-neh]                    tienen

So, you don't say, "I am thirsty, or I am hungry", or "are you thirsty?" but you say "I have thirst"(tener sed which would be "tengo sed") "I have hunger"(tener hambre which would be tengo hambre [tehn-goh hahm-breh]) and
¿Tienes tú sed? Are you(familiar) thirsty? You don't need to say the tú, I only used it to clarify which "you" I was using, it's already included in the word tienes in the end
¿Tiene usted hambre? Are you (formal) hungry?

Tener is also one of the irregulars in the preterite (past) and future tenses. Forget the past tense of preterite for now like "I had, ..." and let's go to the future ... which we learned the endings back on Day ??? So tener becomes
tendr plus the 6 endings with accents.
tendré   I will have       tendremos  we will have
tendrás                       tendréis
tendrá                        tendrán

The other "to have" haber is also irregular in the future.
Remember we do not pronounce the "h" in Spanish although it is written, even many Mexicans do not even write it but they are incorrect ...

Can you do the rest for the plural ones? emos, éis, án
Tengo que irme.
I have to go
Hasta nos vemos

* Note: by the way, the Spanish site I link to often here, is an excellent site to really learn Spanish, they offer both free as a student online and a program you can purchase. I recommend them highly from beginning to end... I'm only linking you to the grammar section but there's vocabulary where they pronounce the words, practice, tests, verb drills ... and much more. I have many sites and have checked around so I say this with confidence.
Intro Day 1 post
for a list of
each day

And if you have a moment, please visit a few of the 1000s participating in this 31 day series, hosted by The Nester.

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