Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 DAYS of ... "Que mi vida entera esté"

Day 3

"Que mi vida entera esté"
Do you recognize this hymn?

Here's a link to a newer English version of this hymn

Que mi vida entera esté
Consagrada a Ti, Señor;
Que a mis manos pueda guiar
El impulso de Tu amor.
El impulso de Tu amor

Que mis pies tan sólo en pos
De lo santo puedan ir;
Y que a Ti, Señor, mi voz
Se complazca en bendecir.
Se complazca en bendecir.

Con todo lo que soy
mi ser, mi alma y corazón
Por siempre a Ti Señor
Dále la gloria y al honor

Con todo lo que soy
mi ser, mi alma y corazón
Por siempre a Ti, Señor
Dále la gloria y al honor

(Repeats from the beginning then continues)

Toma mi voluntad,
y hazla Tuya, nada más;
Toma, mi corazón,
Y Tu trono en él tendrás.
Toma  mi voluntad,
y hazla Tuya, nada más;
Toma, mi corazón, Señor

(once again repeats, can you find where?)
Other verses not included in this YouTube

Lávame en la sangre del Señor,
Límpiame de toda mi maldad;
Traigo a Ti mi vida para ser, Señor,
Tuya por la eternidad.
Tuya por la eternidad.


Que mis labios al hablar
Hablen sólo de Tu amor;
Que mis bienes dedicar
Yo los quiera a Ti, Señor.
Yo los quiera a Ti, Señor.


Que mi tiempo todo esté
Consagrado a Tu loor;
Y mi mente y su poder
Sean usados en Tu honor.
Sean usados en Tu honor.


* NOTE: for the CORO (chorus); I wrote that from listening to it over and over because that is not the words that are given when you 'google' lyrics of this song. So they may not be correct. Also, in Spanish, words run together especially in songs ... so you really have to focus to hear, even I do. This is why it's important to listen to singers that clearly pronounce the words and enunciate.

song taken
from this Bible Verse
1 Coríntios 6:20

"That my whole life may be..."

Many words in our English are very similar to Spanish, you just need to change the pronunciation to Spanish sounds like:

is one from this song
same in both languages
but pronounced without the "h" sound in Spanish

You'd be surprise how many words
you already may know

Let's just take the ending -tion in English. Make a list of words that end in -tion[shun].


Now change the -tion to -ción [pronounced see - ón]and you have the word in Spanish.  Accent on the 'o' which means that your voice goes up. Usually with written accents above the 'ó' but I have to remember to switch to my Spanish keyboard to have those accents available. Most of the time this works, and you now have many new words added to your vocabulary...


Remember the rule on each syllable contains a vowel
when you go to pronounce a long word like
Resurrección de Jesucristo
See, it's not that hard
now say it quicker

And if you have a moment, please visit a few of the 1000s participating in this 31 day series, hosted by The Nester.

for a list of
each day

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