Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 DAYS of ... "Yo Soy Tu Paz"

Canciones cristianas
en el español
Christian songs in Spanish

DAY 18

One of my favorite artist/composer/ singer/ pastor is
Marco Barrientos
He sings frequently spontaneous worship.
He has a variety of CDs 
that I will call a series of
"I am..."

This is probably one of the first lessons taught in learning another language. In Spanish, "to be" is estar and also ser, as I have shared often since I started these 31 days.

It is also a very important topic in the Bible, starting with the great "I am..." Jehovah... followed by who we are in Christ (our identity is in Christ, once we accept Jesus and begin our relationship with Him, these truths become ours). Now, I'm not saying in any way that we become god... but God lives in us and we are made in His image.

BEING is much more important to God than DOING, although He desires that we DO become His Living hands and feet, sharing Jesus and God's Truths in all we do. 

I wandered (digressed) from my point. 

"I am" and the rest which in English are:
you are, He is, she is, it is; we are, you all are, they are (Present tense)

I was, you were, He was, she was, it was; we were, they were ... (past) (Preterite and Imperfect tenses)

I would/ could/ should be ... (Conditional)

I will be ... (Future)  

then there's subjunctive and commands ... well, that's the basic way we develop in a language and learn verb tenses as we grow in our vocabulary, conversations and structure of questions and the language in general. I have not taught the Spanish for more than the present tense, one step at a time.

Marco Barrientos has many CDs about  YO SOY... meaning "I am ..." in the present from "ser" which is used to describe ... Marco is describing through his songs, who God is ... quien Dios es ...

Here are Aqui estan (from estaras many as I could find, many of which I have or listen to often

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Of course, Marco has many other great ones too! In fact, the first one I bought and danced to... was "Muestrame Tu Gloria". I found a You Tube playlist with 59 of his songs by someone else called "Yo Soy Tu Paz" but it includes more than the songs from that CD. I also have 4 playlists at YouTube of Marco Barrientos just not for each CD and they are combinations like this one is. 

Today's song:  
YO SOY ... I am 

Why don't you tell me who God is in this one?

Listen carefully
[I think it's my entire playlist with this song so just listen to the first one but know that you have more available.]

"Yo Soy Tu Paz"
I am your peace

Pastor Marco shares a
Bible quote from Jesus
at the end

Can you find it in God's Word?
[hint: it's Jesus red letters in John 14 and it's about peace]

I do not have all the words
but as I am able to work on it, I will add
You can kinda see what I do with leaving blanks ... 
although I am bilingual and pretty fluent
I have to work on listening as well
I will keep adding them as I listen and type
the song part was the easiest and is done 
Mi Consolador
Con Tu amor
me llenas hoy
me das Tu paz

Tú eres Mi Paz
Mi Consolador
Eres Tú
Eres Tú
Mi Refugio

(spoken words beginning at 2:00 minutes)
Nuestro Consolador
el Espiritu Santo
aqui en
el Padre
El enseñara
toda las cosas
les recordara
todo lo que yo les he dicho
"La paz les dejo
mi paz les doy
y yo no se les doy como el mundo les da. 
No se turbe su corazón, ni tenga miedo.
Estas cosas les he hablado
para que en Mi tenga paz
en el mundo tendrán afflición
Yo he vencido del mundo

Paz en Cristo,

for a list of
each day

I try my best to remember to link
but you can always 
just click on the label
"31 days"
since this is my first one
at the end of any post and they all should post

And if you have a moment, please visit a few of the 1000s participating in this 31 day series, hosted by The Nester.

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Cathy said...

Light of the world? A beautiful song ~

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