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Back on Day 27 of my 31 Days, I shared the following song and many others by Kari Jobe from her latest CD "Where I Find You"/ "Donde Te Encuentro"

Since I am sharing it in English over at my main blog, aMazing Grace ...
I thought I'd center on that song again over here for our continuation of learning Spanish, because I did not teach anything when I shared it back in "31 Days..." just shared the lyrics in both languages and it's a good song.

If you are doing the lessons at Study Spanish, this past week, I had linked Unit I; Lessons 1-7 ending with Subject Pronouns. I should continue with lessons 8-14 but I'm skipping those and jumping ahead to Unit II. because of the song I've chosen by Kari Jobe. However, if you don't know anything yet about Verbs in Spanish, I'd recommend that you continue on with at least Lesson 8 (or 8, 9 and 10 covering Regular Verbs) first.

The lessons for this week, if you'd like to do one a day should be (the above recommendation of 8, 9,and 10):

8. Reg. Verbs I
9. Reg. Verbs II
10. Reg. Verbs III

Followed with these as your main focus from Unit II:
    15. Ser and Estar I
  1. 16. Ser and Estar II
  2. 17. Ser and Estar III
  3. 18. Ser and Estar IV
Because Kari's song is "AQUI ESTA" (with accent on the "i"and the last "a", I don't have the Spanish Keyboard on, nor am I very good at doing it with Capital letters).

"Está" comes from "Estar" and it is the 3rd person singular form of "to be"

Aquí [pronounced like "a key"] means "Here" which is the complete title in English.

I have chosen to share the one with the lyrics in it HERE


//Ven, descansa, 
ya no cargues más dolor
Ven, descansa, 
y refúgiate en Su amor
Encontrarás ya,
No más soledad
Sólo paz, 
cerca está
que tu corazón roto
Él sanó
Aquí está

Tú lo encontrarás 

////Descansaré en Tí////

then returns to above * and repeats
Respira looks much like the English words 
"respiration or respiratory"
so that is what it means
respirar (to breathe)
and it is in a command form telling YOU to breathe
Commands are not taught until Unit 8,
although they are not that difficult to learn
and are used frequently in songs.
The following word in the song is a command also
that looks like a word in English 
so I'm sure you can guess what it means
[remember not to pronounce the "h" is all]
from the verb
to exhale
Tú lo encontrarás 
Him = lo
you will find/meet = encontrarás
[future tense from "encontrar"]
"Aquí está" He is here 
is the focus of this lesson
ESTAR = to be 3rd person form is "is"
it can be
He is 
She is
it is
you (formal) are
if you use a name for 
"he" like "Jesus"
Jesús está
Jesus is
or for 
María está
or a place
establo for stable
el establo está
the stable is
el burro for donkey
el burro está
the donkey is
el burro está en el establo
the donkey is in the stable

when "to be" is used for
health (state)
location (geographic or physical)
temporary condition
and also in 
progressive tenses 
(*construction as used below in the Bible verse)
is used for all the rest
of "to be"s
what is listed in 
Mateo 11:28
"Venid á mí todos los que estáis trabajados y cargados, que yo os haré descansar."
Matthew 11:28

have fun

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