Monday, July 29, 2013


another grand event that I missed and just found out about ... so I'm called to SHARE and PRAY for Honduras and other nations ... because this is INCREDIBLE historical event worth repeating ...

1 NATION 1 DAY is a nationwide missionary outreach that will coordinate the week of July 13-21 in order to unite the nation of Honduras with the peace and love of Jesus Christ.

For more information, and to join this historic team reaching an entire nation in a single day, visit
and in Spanish (en el espanol) 1 Nacion 1 Dia 

Tell your friends to check this opportunity out by inviting them to this event on Facebook too!

Gran esfuerzas ... siga adelante Honduras y MISSIONS.ME
Praying with and for YOU!

Photo: Front page of El Heraldo reads "All Honduras United in Prayer" #1nation1day

United in Prayer!


aMazing Move of God


Come Lord Jesus
Fill the Nations with Your Glory
Your Power

The VIMEOS here
are GREAT!

I could not find the one video I wanted to share that was so anointed but each of these videos give you a better glimpse
into this great event


ALL that GOD

This should ignite the

Revive Your Spirit

Monday, July 15, 2013


Half the month is over but I still am joining in PRAYER for FREEDOM (since I don't do FACEBOOK, I found out too late, but if you do FACEBOOK) please join and support Abolition International's 31 Days of Freedom and PRAY ... or even invite your church to do this or individuals you know that pray ...

"Ending human trafficking and slavery through prayer, prevention, 

education and advocacy"

Check out the section

Praise God!

Photo: Become a Freedom Giver and support continued quality aftercare for survivors of sex slavery.
[source: Abolition International site and Facebook]

and add a twibbon (whatever that may be) to your FB, Twittter, or whatever to show your support against this trafficking NOW.

I am reading a wonderful book for my next Booksneeze review that made me so aware of this and refreshed the urgency within me as I read these words from the book, near the end in a section entitled "Awakened and Alarmed" (page 150) ...

" ... We who live in privileged conditions don't worry about basic survival. We don't live in fear for our safety during the simple tasks of daily life. But this is not the way much of the world lives. * The world in the twenty first century is not okay. Drought, war, slavery, drugs, flooding, earthquakes, terrorism, violence, infirmity, lack of medical help, injustice because of gender or race, embargoes, disease, debt, famine, unchecked inflation, absence of the rule of law, refugee status, forced migration, the traumas around the globe are many and varied. Food, water, safety and protection are just dreams for far too many, the lack of them a daily nightmare. So many people today spend their days simply trying to stay alive." ... "So many people in the world face oppression in so many different forms." ...

"When we are asleep, injustice and pain can run rampant across the earth, but we may not see or know the nightmare someone else is living. Once we've been awakened, we can see evil and respond. We are up, alert, ready to take the first or next step, ready to make a difference." ... Christine Caine, "Undaunted"

* sad to have to agree with this so strongly, there are no excuses, but also even more sad to admit, we are finding this out more and more, even in our own areas of what we consider to be safe living, how we are less and less safe ... however, multiply this many fold when you are talking about areas that are already so desperate in poverty ... and other dire circumstances, the lengths that people will go to and especially in a depraved and decrepit world of under ground schemes reinforced with billions of dollars (the enemy's cohorts strong in force and infiltrating so many aspects of our world). The church must do all it can to hold back the gates of hell. We are the church (whether we go to a public place of worship or not) we are called as Christians to stand against evil, corruption, and injustices. (Matthew 25:40) even Jesus asks us to go beyond this ... as followers of Jesus Christ and His principles, God's Word. I could not say it any better than this one paragraph among others that Christine Caine has written above imploring us to make a difference and not remain disconnected from the abhorrent realities of our 'sick' society. (John 17:15-18)(Isaiah 60:1-2)

Other great organizations in this fight that you can support
via Facebook, Twitter, or your blogs


Abolition International and sign the 13A petition
Love146 their Facebook
A21 Campaign and their Facebook

Project Rescue and their Facebook
Born 2 Fly
Beauty From Ashes
Salvation Army IAST
F.A.A.S.T. International
Polaris Project Facebook and website
*they also share an important petition to SIGN* #HR1732

International Justice Mission FB and website

Not For Sale and Facebook

this says it all

Heavenly Father, Forgive us for allowing this travesty to start and not doing enough to STOP it. We need to end it and we need Your Divine wisdom, power and direction in what we should do. Help each victim, rescue them NOW in Jesus' Name. We place a shield of protection around and over these precious souls, children and women victimized by this and we ask Your Divine intervention. This is so unjust! Too many victims, far too many but You are Our God of the impossible so we join together in support to make a difference and pray each day for more to be done and saved through us and You working together for justice. Where do we ever come to think that Your precious children are for sale. No one. NOT ONE. Your Word says that not one should perish and how You love them so please help us be Jesus and show them!!! Thank You for each organization and individual and groups working to end this in Jesus Name, we pray ... 

* I'm so sorry that my own life circumstances and problems have allowed satan to take my eyes off of this project and the fight against traffickers. Forgive me, Lord. Help me stay focused on greater purposes in our fallen world like these and do more to make a difference to STOP the enemy from gaining ground or any more victims ... we bind the enemy of these innocent victims today and ask that You would not only protect them and give them strength, yet as their Defender and Advocate, we would RESCUE more each day and put the enemy back where he belongs. We must proclaim freedom for the captives ... hope for the hopeless ... liberty to the enslaved ... beauty for ashes ...light in the darkness ... 

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