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Diana Scimone
launched the vision of

I read this and reread it and I prayed on how I could share this BEST, because it struck such a deep chord in my heart. I have not been able to write to Diana Scimone from Born 2 Fly or visit her sites to comment but I must share this and ask you to read the rest over with Diana ... for what's been done in these 12 years and still needs so much MORE

... it is for this, I MUST DO something as part of my mission here or back in USA, every fiber of my bones knows that we are responsible to God to do our part to RESCUE and STOP this from happening to innocent children, wherever this is happening it MUST STOP. You and I, the church and our society can no longer cover our eyes and ears and act like it is not happening, we must join forces with organizations and individuals like Diana Scimone to STOP TRAFFICKING ASAP. This is sickening and breaks the heart of Our LORD!

Mumbai, India, (c) 2001 by Diana Scimone
May 26, 2001 -- Mumbai, India
"Do you see the cages in that window?” my contact asked.
“Cages?” I repeated with horror. “What’s in them?”
“Five-year-old girls.”
Catch the REST over with Diana Scimone
and then be sure to
[I was going to direct you to read this there but could not find it on either site]
So I just added my email here instead I hope that's OK

May 23, 2013
Hi Peggy,
Earlier this week a trafficker was arrested for locking a teenage girl in a van -- where he brought customers to her round the clock.

The only time she could leave was to stand outside a bar and lure in more customers.

This did not happen in some far-off country. It happened in Orlando, Florida -- just a few miles from Born2Fly's headquarters.

At least 2 more girls have been rescued from sex trafficking in central Florida in the past few weeks.

Stories like these, whether they happen around the corner or around the world, make me livid -- and fuel my passion to continue working to keep more kids from ever being trafficked in the first place.

Rescues are always good news -- but how much more effective is it to keep children from ever being trafficked in the first place?

With our small staff (just 1 person -- moi) plus YOU, we're making progress toward our goal of reaching kids before the traffickers do.

The B2F anti-trafficking materials are now in the hands of tens of thousands of kids, parents, and teachers around the world. We've started broadcasting an anti-trafficking radio program in India heard by 80 million people every week. And we're about to launch another anti-trafficking program just for teens -- the Dream Big Campaign.

Some not-so-good news
At the same time, we're in the midst of a financial crisis. Our bank account is at the lowest point in years.
This is not the time to stop. You know I'm not that kind of person.
You always give when I tell you we're in situations like this -- so I'm letting you know. (And if you already give regularly, or if you just gave to our special India radio project, please ignore this request.)

We particularly need funds for administrative expenses like websites, supplies, and even my salary.

We receive no grants.
No government funds.
No corporate funds.
No assistance from any other source.
YOU have kept us going for 10 years through thick and thin.
I have no words to tell you how grateful I am to you. So once again I come to you and ask for your help:
1. Please make a donation yourself.
If you haven't given in a long time, this would be a great time to give. You can click here to donate instantly. You don't need to give a huge amount to make a huge difference. $50 or even $25 donations all add up.
2. Please tell someone about B2F.
Does your business have a matching fund program? Can you let a few friends and family know about B2F and our work all over the world? Would you host a fundraiser for B2F at work or school or your place of worship?

These are all ways you can maximize your reach and giving.

Why I do what I do
A few weeks ago one of our partners in Uganda emailed me. They were preparing to teach B2F to very at-risk kids living in a children's home.

They launched it with a Born2Fly parade through the streets -- and dressed all the kids in matching butterfly wings:

You can see the B2F logo in the lower right of the poster behind the kids.

Uganda has a horrible problem with child trafficking, particularly kids left orphaned by AIDS.

How many of these precious kids wearing butterfly wings will never be trafficked because they've gone through the B2F anti-trafficking program?
I'm committed to work passionately to keep kids like these from being locked in a van and raped all through the night.
Would you give today so that we can keep more kids from that horror? On behalf of all the children who will never be trafficked because of B2F, thank you.
Diana Scimone
The Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking
PS: You can make an instant tax-deductible donation by clicking here.

Latest from Diana's blog

This one YOU MUST become aware of and read
and finally
the beginning of something greater
(at least)
every community and state needs a
Task Force
like this
If you can help B2FLY, no matter what size, please do
or ask others to do so, make them aware
and then
continue to
like never before
for me
my heart is broken
time and time
by these tragic happenings
is just one book I've read
waiting to read
by Christine Caine
but more than read, I must
much more
How 'bout you?
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