Friday, April 1, 2016

"A" ~ "A-Z CHALLENGE" ~ My 2016 Theme Reveal

Although the official 
A-Z site
already had their
Theme Reveal
I'm new and today
my theme reveal
because it starts with
the first letter




and the

Alzheimer's Association

I don't know about you ... but it seems that more and more of us know someone who is affected by Alzheimer's; whether it's a family member, loved ones, friends or their family member, or even quite possible - yourself. 

After the loss of our MN home of more than 20 years to a total loss by a fire in 2013, something much more precious than the years of collections of books, videos, records, family treasures, etc. was the initial diagnosis of Alzheimer's in its early stages in my husband. I am most certain that the utter shock (in part) of having lost everything ... had a grave impact and set this into motion although I do realize that there is much more to this disease than an event setting it off. 

I am far from being an expert or even knowledgeable about the disease of Alzheimer's, other than what I come across through reading, but this is the reason I decided that this would be the project I would pursue through this A-Z Challenge, as a necessary 'mission' - newly acquired and to be acquainted with; but not chosen by me or my him or anyone that has to face this in their lifetime. Since his diagnosis, he has really been doing quite well, but because of it, my own fear(s) arise; one of which is that I, too, may end of having to deawith this disease myself besides wanting to learn all I can to help him as long as I can. But one thing is certain, I will definitely be experiencing Alzheimer's first hand and need to be armed and ready for all it entails. 

This is the purpose of me doing this A-Z Challenge to explore this topic or theme of Alzheimer's. At this point, I have no practical information of my own so I will be linking or gathering from others and associations like my list link for "A" - the Association.  Of course, there are other excellent sources of information and organizations available online and offline. I'd like to also remind you of the "Greater Good" site that has many good ways to help various projects like the Alzheimer's site with just a click of a button each day and plenty of good information.

The Alzheimer's Site
Because this is A-Z ... the information will not be given in the best order to read or learn so hopefully at some point, I can gather all the letters and what they stand for and index each one here below so you can access the ones that perhaps interest you the most and it's organized a little bit. 

Once again, let me remind you that most of what I will share will not be from any personal experience of this, except what you may read in other links because at this point, I do not have anything to illuminate your reading from my own experience yet. Sadly, at some point ... I will, and who knows if I'll have the wisdom or ability to share how Alzheimer's impacts me or the one I love. 

Thankfully, since this is the letter "A" ... the logical place to start would be {but it won't always be the logical next step as I gather the information, so just come back to see what's next}:

What is
{distinguished from "what is dementia?"}

according to the
Alzheimer's Association

"Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Dementia comes in different forms, but Alzheimer's is the most common type of memory loss that eventually interferes with an individual's daily life."

About Alzheimer's Disease
{linked by the letter}
A - Alzheimer's Disease and Alzheimer's Association
B - Brain Tour / Brain Health
C - Care, Care Partner, Caregiver 
D - Dementia, Diagnosis
E - Education, Early Onset and many more
F - Facts and Figures, Financial mattes, Fund-raising
G - Growth and Get Involved
H - Health Care Reform
I - Individuals and International
J - Join the cause
K - Kids and Teens
L - Living well and Legal matters
 M - Myths
N - Nutrition
O - Online tools, Organizations and Options
P - Publications
Q - Quiz (Memory test - MoCA video)
R - Risk Factors, Research 
S - Stages, Safety, Security, Support
T - Treatment, TrialMatch
U - Understanding behaviors
V - Virtual library and Volunteers
W - Warning signs, Web links, and Women Challenge
X - eXperts
Y - Younger onset
Z - Zip codes for chapters/support


Sharon said...

I think it's wonderful that there is now recognition and dialogue about this terrible disease. It's a thief, stealing away our loved ones. I watched my father descend into dementia, though I think his was caused by his diabetes and mini-strokes, but still. It's the same slow destruction of memory, the same fading away of the person you once knew.

Great theme. I hope to learn more that will help me as I now face a similar journey with my mom.


shortybear said...

awesome theme

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