Saturday, April 2, 2016


is for

[I also had "Behavior" here but I moved them to "U" for "Understanding Behavior"]
{not really ready to deal with behavior yet - mine nor the loved ones', 
both can be volatile without any diseases affecting us 
creating more stress which worsens any illness, right?}

By way of explanation or clarification, I've decided, while looking to the rest of A-Z letters ahead of us, that perhaps "less is more" ... less from me and more from those that know, so often I might not give anymore than the letter, and what it represents in this Alzheimer's journey and link to "A" (where I shared my first day - Alzheimer's Association or one of the other resourceful sites) so you don't have to read twice, or keep flipping over there ... to follow the links. Since they have really done outstanding in presenting so much about Alzheimer's, you and I will gain much more from the experts.

As I began preparing these I skipped ahead to "C" since that is a BIG one for me, and thus it is quite lengthy ... so now coming back to "B", I really don't have much for me to say about the "brain" but as you must know, it's the most vital part when looking at Alzheimer's. I just don't know as much that will benefit you like is presented over at their official site. Guess I'm not the brainy one ... and the Brain Tour is much more helpful plus it's interactive and available in other languages.

First things first
as we learn the basics

Illustration of Scanned Brain Image

{16 interactive slides}
"Inside the Brain"
{slides 1-7 display the "Brain Basics"}

"explains how the brain works and how Alzheimer's affects it"

1 - 3 Main parts
2 - Supply Lines
3 - "Thinking wrinkles"
4 - Left and Right Brain
5 - Neuron Forest
6 - Cell signaling
7 - Signal coding

I actually knew some of this and found the explanations to be simple enough to really understand better and more fully

from there in slides 8-16
we discover
"Alzheimer disease and the brain"

facts like this from #8

"Alzheimer's disease leads to nerve cell death and tissue loss throughout the brain. Over time, the brain shrinks dramatically, affecting nearly all its functions."

I truly find this fascinating and really aMazing 
but a little scary too.


Sharon said...

The human brain is fascinating, mysterious. It's a bit like space travel or deep sea exploration, in my opinion - there are depths of things we don't fully understand. One can look at a brain, outside of the body, and it's just a blob of tissue. But oh, what God has made that tissue capable of!! May we never take for granted the marvelous ways that our bodies work.

And the brain - it's the king of all.


shortybear said...

I truly appreciate the brain since I had my stroke

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