Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Different times, on my blogs as I have done elsewhere in my life, I have shared "teachings" of Spanish/English through songs and Bible verses, because I believe that these are good ways to reinforce or teach languages through God's Word. I recently became interested in "writing" a mini-book for missionaries going to Spanish speaking countries or even here at home in USA to bridge the gap with others through language rather than building walls between nations and people. I guess that in many ways, this is a mission, too. I believe God wants unity not division. 

While I have taught Spanish and English both here and in Mexico, and a bit here and there in blog land ... and with my recent interest in taking a short-term trip to El Salvador ... once again, this was stirred but I firmly think that people should not re-invent the wheel of what's been done well. I found a website that accompanies a wonderful book, that is set up the way that I had planned and done my lessons often. So, once again, what was in my head and a never completed project, has been done by someone else and I'm doing this blog post just to share this site (and their book also) - however I still believe that those going on short term missions require a more simple approach for quick expressions rather than a comprehensive learning of the language (grammar and all) so I may try out some of my ideas here ... that are in my head ... to share with anyone that may GO and share the Gospel of Christ with anyone who speaks Spanish.

Meanwhile ... please check out this site and their book:
(and get an idea of what my book would have contained)



Audio lessons from their textbook are included and good practice
on their textbook page linked

They also have Bible Stories and Devotional is Spanish here

I hope this serves as an aide to anyone searching to learn Spanish.

I would never have thought that someone else would produce what was in my head and in my notebooks on paper into a real textbook yet I'm glad they that did. I have looked at the sample of the book and checked out their site, which seems to follow my approach and so I would recommend for a serious learner and more than likely meant more for those actually going and living a bit longer than short-term, but it never hurts to expand our horizons and ability to communicate with others. The lessons seem to be set-up as I would, based around a Bible verse and ending with song, with the language lesson sandwiched in-between and done very well. It may be a bit expensive for some, but not as much as a language school or classes/school. Immersion in another language is a good way to learn, but surrounding yourself with music and God's Word and people is the most fulfilling way to grow.~Peggy {the book and this website do not even know me or that I am endorsing their book nor have I even received a copy yet, I just want to be helpful and resourceful for anyone reaching out to others that speak and understand Spanish more than English (or vice-a-versa).

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